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Geotechnical Laboratory

The in-house well equipped laboratory is able to carry out all the tests necessary for complete geotechnical characterization of soils, from simple tests of identification and classification, to oedometric tests, compaction tests (AASHO), triaxial and shear tests for which uses, among others, the Bishop &Wesley type of equipment.
Pangea is able to organize and manage on-site laboratories for quality control of soils, concrete and asphalts.

Soil Investigations

– Density tested by various methods and practices recommended by the ASTM and B.S. specifications. – Bearing Plate Load tests for pavements and bearing capacity problems – Permeability tests with sealed ring infiltrometer – Soil investigations (surveys, penetrometer tests, piezometer and inclinometer installation, permeability and erodibility tests) for which we offer a full service, from organizing the survey until the interpretation of the results.


PANGEA offers a full service in the field of geological, geotechnical and engineering consulting, both in Italy and abroad,which has led to the realization of major projects.

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