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PANGEA, with 30 years of activity, is a major player in Italy and worldwide in the engineering business concerning the design, construction and supervision.

We provide a full consultancy ranging from geotechnical, civil and structural related with public, industrial as well as strategic buildings, to the expediting and to the supervision of the construction.

Pangea S.R.L was founded in 1983 by a group of professionals working upon the times in geological, geophysical, geomechanical and geotechnical fields, as well as in civil ENGINEERING. It is currently made up by a group of young professionals, highly specialized, with differentiated skills and work experience. The constant update of staff is guaranteed by many contacts with national and international universities. Furthermore Pangea has contributed to numerous conferences, courses, conferences and seminars on geotechnical, geological and geophysical topics.

Pangea, since its foundation, has a highly specialized geotechnical laboratory, equipped with reliable and high precision equipment. The laboratory is affiliated to the Association of Italian Geotechnical Laboratories (A.L.G.I) and is certified by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

Besides it also possesses ISO 9001 certification for the quality.

Pangea therefore offers a complete service and direct consulting that includes site supervision, planning investigations and geotechnical tests, laboratory analysis of soil samples, the interpretation of results and related design suggestions for foundation works, also covering geotechnical calculations, up to supervising the execution of foundations and other special works. After a long experience worldwide in the Oil & Gas, certified by a list of Projects in which it has been involved, the action range of the Company has been also broadened including other challenging disciplines such as Mechanical, Instrumental, Expediting and especially Project Management.

Meet Our Team

Below you will find the professionals who were involved in major projects for Oil and Gas companies as well as other international customers in recent years.

Giulio Vitale
Giulio VitaleC.E.O. Technical and Administrative Director
Company Director and Director of several Projects in Civil Geotechnical Field Project Coordinator and Geotechnical Expert Expert of Soil Mechanics and Man-made structures Trouble solving in Design, Construction and Planning Construction’s Supervisor of major civil works on plants and infrastructure Tutoring of young engineering adepts and orientation to the design solutions
Carlo Corneri
Carlo CorneriGeotechnical Engineer, Technical Supervisor and Project Coordinator
Civil and Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical Consultant Large works supervision Interdisciplinary coordinator for civil and industrial plants
Michele Pantaleo
Michele PantaleoGeotechnical Engineer, Technical Supervisor and Project Coordinator
Laboratory Technician and Geotechnical Consultant. Expert in Remote Sensing (RADAR interferometry and Thermal Infrared). Interdisciplinary coordinator for civil and industrial plants.

Recent Works

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“Pangea is a long-term project that belongs to the Planet. So Pangea is also yours…”

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